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Namaz – The Health Benefits

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When you perform prayer…

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said
“When you perform prayer, think that you are standing in front of God and seeing Him with your eyes. And if it is not possible for you to see Him, at least think that Allah is seeing you”.
(Sahih Bukhari)

Prayer ‘s pray…

The Prophet (PBUH) said:
“Whoever offers all his Prayers on time after a perfect ablution, stands with humility and reverence, prostrates and bows with calm, and offers the entire Prayer in good manner – so that Prayer becomes a radiating one and prays for him thus:
“O the offerer of Prayer !! May Allah guard you the way you have guarded me me. And as regards the one who offers the Prayer poorly – that is without proper ablution, and not even prostrating and bowing correctly – then the Prayer curses him thus: May Allah ruin you the way you have ruined me. Then the Prayer is folded and thrown back at his face like a used (dirty) cloth.”
(Tibrani Tibrani)

Witr – last prayer at night…

Narrated `Abdullah bin `Umar: The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, “Make witr as your last prayer at night.”

Opportune Time on Friday . . .

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h) talked about Friday and said, “There is an hour (opportune time) on Friday and if a Muslim gets it while praying and asks something from Allah, then Allah will definitely meet his demand.” And he (the Prophet) pointed out the shortness of that time with his hands.

Allah names to find stuff you lost..

These beautiful names of Allah  is very helpful inshallah:

1. Ya –  khaaliqo  –  500 Times.

2. Ya – Raqibo –  recite this name frequently.

Pray whatever you get, and complete whatever is missed…

Narrated Abu Huraira: heard Allah’s Apostles (p.b.u.h) saying, “If the prayer is started do not run for it but just walk for it calmly and pray whatever you get, and complete whatever is missed. “

Surah for fajr prayer of Friday…

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet used to recite the following in the Fajr prayer of Friday, “Alif, Lam, Mim, Tanzil” (Surat−as−Sajda #32) and “Hal−ata−ala−l−Insani” (i.e. Surah−Ad−Dahr #76).

Be straight in the prostrations…

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, “Be straight in the prostrations and none of you should put his forearms on the ground (in the prostration) like a dog.”

Prostrate on seven parts…

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: The Prophet was ordered (by Allah) to prostrate on seven parts and not to tuck up the clothes or hair (while praying). Those parts are: the forehead (along with the tip of nose), both hands, both knees, and (toes of) both feet.

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