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Assalamu A’laikum,
Steps to Perform Isthekhara:
1.Perform Gusul.
2.Use Fregrance i.e. Itar(If Available).
3.Offer 2Rakat Salatul-Hajat Namaz(Which is Nafil) in the following way:
    (i)In 1st rakat after sure:Fatiha recite Sure:K’ul-Ya-Ayyuhal-Kafiroon
    (ii)In 2nd rakat after sure:Fatiha recite Sure:K’ul-Hu-Wallahu-Ahad.
4.After completing the Namaz, Beg(Dua) 2wards ALLAH for few minutes by keeping in mind,for what purpose u r doing Isthekhara.
5.Now finally after dua keep a Tasbi aside u(i.e keep it on Janamaz) & start reciting the following:
    (i)3 times Darud-Sharif(big or Small).
    (ii)21 times Sure:Fatiha in d following Pattern:Bissmillah Hirrahma Nirrahim-Mil-Hamdullilahi-Rabil-Aalamin-Arahma-Nirrahim.…..  and so on till         End
    (iii)Again 3 times Darud-Sharif(big or Small).
6.Now take that Tasbi in ur hand & what all you have read, blow(air from mouth) it on that Tasbi & again place the tasbi on the Janamaz
7.Now lift-up the tasbi from any of the side 4rm where u wish & mark that point.Now measure,which side is having lesser tasbi-motis,from that point start reciting these 3 words:ALLAH,Khair,Shar one on each tasbi-motis till the tasbi ends.
8.Now remember what word has come on the last tasbi-Moti,that one is ALLAH’s Final Decision.
ALLAH: Green Signal.(U can do)
Khair: Green Signal.(U can do)
Shar: Red Signal.(U cannot do,there is some loss)
During all these process pls do not talk to anybody,perform this with whole concentration in a silence room.
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