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Feel Beautiful / Be Beautiful / Live Beautiful…

Dear Sisters realize that your true beauty isn’t by wearing lots of Make up on your Face – True Beauty comes from your Faith.

For Beautiful Face – Pray Tahhajud daily

For Beautiful Lips – Kiss your Parents

For Beautiful Eyes – Cry in Salah

For Beautiful Kids – Be a Great Daughter

For Beautiful Ears – Listen to Quran

For Beautiful Husband – Make Dua

For Beautiful Heart – Do Dhikr

For Beautiful Life – Live Simple

Feel Beautiful / Be Beautiful / Live Beautiful

Story of two friends…


Let me share a story with you. Two friends were travelling together. One was blind and the other could see. Now, when the night fell, they decided to take some rest and continue the journey in the morning. This area was such that in the day time the temperature increases pretty high but in the night the temperature decreases significantly. Much like the areas near the oceans. In the morning, the person who could see left to find some food. The blind man stayed behind and was just touching here and there around him. Now, what had happened at night is that one snake was passing by this place. But due to the extreme coldness, the snake became inactive, frozen, and straight. This blind man’s hand fell on this snake and he thought that it’s a very nice stick. He picked it up and became very happy. To a blind man, a good stick is a very valuable thing.

Later, the person who could see came back with some food and

saw his friend touching a snake. So he shouted and said to throw it away. But the blind man insisted, you want this stick don’t you? I am not going to throw it away. After trying hard, he couldn’t convince the blind man to throw it away. Anyway, they continued their journey. Then the temperature began to rise and the snake started regaining its energy. When it received enough heat, it flexed its muscles and bit the blind man.

We can compare ourselves to this situation also. We are like this blind man and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is like the person who could see. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went to Miraj and saw the horrors of Hell and the blissfulness of Paradise. Now, the Prophet told us about many things to give up and stay away but because we can’t see the dangers that’s why we don’t pay any attention to them. But when the time comes, we will get into serious problems. That is why, we should follow the rules and regulations of Islam. while we are committing since they seem harmless to us but soon we’ll see their consequences ..



Assalamu A’laikum,
Steps to Perform Isthekhara:
1.Perform Gusul.
2.Use Fregrance i.e. Itar(If Available).
3.Offer 2Rakat Salatul-Hajat Namaz(Which is Nafil) in the following way:
    (i)In 1st rakat after sure:Fatiha recite Sure:K’ul-Ya-Ayyuhal-Kafiroon
    (ii)In 2nd rakat after sure:Fatiha recite Sure:K’ul-Hu-Wallahu-Ahad.
4.After completing the Namaz, Beg(Dua) 2wards ALLAH for few minutes by keeping in mind,for what purpose u r doing Isthekhara.
5.Now finally after dua keep a Tasbi aside u(i.e keep it on Janamaz) & start reciting the following:
    (i)3 times Darud-Sharif(big or Small).
    (ii)21 times Sure:Fatiha in d following Pattern:Bissmillah Hirrahma Nirrahim-Mil-Hamdullilahi-Rabil-Aalamin-Arahma-Nirrahim.…..  and so on till         End
    (iii)Again 3 times Darud-Sharif(big or Small).
6.Now take that Tasbi in ur hand & what all you have read, blow(air from mouth) it on that Tasbi & again place the tasbi on the Janamaz
7.Now lift-up the tasbi from any of the side 4rm where u wish & mark that point.Now measure,which side is having lesser tasbi-motis,from that point start reciting these 3 words:ALLAH,Khair,Shar one on each tasbi-motis till the tasbi ends.
8.Now remember what word has come on the last tasbi-Moti,that one is ALLAH’s Final Decision.
ALLAH: Green Signal.(U can do)
Khair: Green Signal.(U can do)
Shar: Red Signal.(U cannot do,there is some loss)
During all these process pls do not talk to anybody,perform this with whole concentration in a silence room.

Prayer at the time of a solar eclipse (SALATUL KUSOOF)…

To offer 2 rak’ats of prayer at the time of a solar eclipse is Sunnah. It will be performed just like 2 rak’ats of Nafl Salaah. The solar eclipse prayer should be offered in congregation provided the Imaam of the congregation is the Imaam of Jumma prayer. Azaan and iqamat should not be given for such a prayer, but to call the people to such a prayer, an announcement should be made in this manner; ‘Gather for Prayer’. It is Sunnah to recite lengthy surahs in such prayers and stay longer in Ruku and Sajdah. It is optional to recite aloud or quietly. Immediately after concluding the prayer, the Imaam should devote himself to Dua and the Dua should continue up to the end of the eclipse. But if in this condition the sun sets or the time of any prescribed prayer comes, the Dua should be concluded and the prayer of the time should be offered.
Note:  If for some reason, the Imaam is not available, then people should perform Salaah individually.

Learn about Prophet Mohammed …


Small Sins?

Ibn Al Hasan (A.R.) once remarked: “I am grieving for forty years over a sin committed by me.” Someone enquired, “What sin is that which has caused great concern and grief in you?”

He replied, “Once I was visited by a friend and in order to entertain him, I bought fish which we subsequently ate. After the meal, I scraped some sand from my neighbor’s wall without his permission, to wash my hands. I am still crying over that sin.”

The questioner expressed surprise over the fact that such a small fault has created so much of anguish and concern. So Ibn Al Hasana explained that according to the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) the biggest sin before Allah is that little slip or error which man regards as trifle and unimportant and therefore thinks it unnecessary to seek forgiveness.

On the other hand, if he acknowledged his wrongs considering them to be quite serious, he would certainly feel guilty and ashamed of his actions and this would induce him to repent, seek Allah’s forgiveness through which he receives pardon and in this way obliterates all trace of the sin.

77 Branches of Faith…

Very often people just reflect upon the well known 5 pillars of Islam, but in reality there are many, many more.  It is narrated that the Prophet Muhammad saws 77 Branches of Faith said:

‘Iman is over 70 branches. The highest is to say Laa ilaha illallah…and the lowest is to remove harm from street.’ (Muslim)

They are:-

30 qualities are connected to the heart

1. Belief in Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith
2. To believe that everything other than Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith was non-existent. Thereafter, Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith created these things and subsequently they came into existence.
3. To believe in the existence of angels.
4. To believe that all the heavenly books that were sent to the different prophets are true. However, apart from the Qur’an, all other books are not valid anymore.
5. To believe that all the prophets are true. However, we are commanded to follow the Prophet Muhammad saws 77 Branches of Faith alone.
6. To believe that Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High as knowledge of everything from before-hand and that only that which He sanctions or wishes will occur.
7. To believe that Resurrection will definitely occur.
8. To believe in the existence of Heaven.
9. To believe in the existence of Hell.
10. To have love for Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High.
11. To have love for the Prophet Muhammad saws 77 Branches of Faith
12. To love or hate someone solely because of Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith.
13. To execute all actions with the intention of religion alone.
14. To regret and express remorse when a sin is committed.
15. To fear Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High.
16. To hope for the mercy of Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High.
17. To be modest.
18. To express gratitude over a bounty or favour.
19. To fulfill promises.
20. To exercise patience.
21. To consider yourself lower than others.
22. To have mercy on the creation.
23. To be pleased with whatever you experience from Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High.
24. To place your trust in Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High.
25. Not to boast or brag over any quality that you possess.
26. Not to have malice or hatred towards anybody.
27. Not to be envious of anyone.
28. Not to become angry.
29. Not to wish harm for anyone.
30. Not to have love for the world.

7 qualities are connected to the tongue

31. To recite the testimony of faith (kalimah) with the tongue.
32. To recite the Quran.
33. To acquire knowledge.
34. To pass on Knowledge.
35. To make dua.
36. To make the zikr of Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith Most High.
37. To abstain from the following: lies, backbiting, vulgar words, cursing, singing that is contrary to the Shariah.

40 qualities are connected to the entire body

38. To make wudu, ghusl, and keep one’s clothing clean.
39. To be steadfast in offering salaat.
40. To pay zakaat and sadaqatul fitr.
41. To fast.
42. To perform the Hajj.
43. To make i’tikaaf.
44. To move away or migrate from that place which is harmful for one’s deen.
45. To fulfill the vows that have been made to Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith.
46. To fulfill the oaths that are not sinful.
47. To pay the kaffarah for unfulfilled oaths.
48. To cover those parts of the body that are fard to cover.
49. To perform the ritual slaughter.
50. To enshroud and bury the deceased.
51. To fulfill your debts.
52. To abstain from prohibited things when undertaking monetary transactions.
53. Not to conceal something true which you may have witnessed.
54. To get married when the nafs desires to do so.
55. To fulfill the rights of those who are under you.
56. To provide comfort to one’s parents.
57. To rear children in the proper manner.
58. Not to sever relations with one’s friends and relatives.
59. To obey one’s master.
60. To be just.
61. Not to initiate any way that is contrary to that of the generality of the Muslims.
62. To obey the ruler, provided what he orders is not contrary to the Shariah.
63. To make peace between two warring groups or individuals.
64. To assist in noble tasks.
65. To command the good and prohibit the evil.
66. If it is the government. it should mete out punishments according to the Shariah.
67. To fight the enemies of deen whenever such an occasion presents itself.
68. To fulfill one’s trusts (amana).
69. To give loans to those who are in need .
70. To see to the needs of one’s neighbour.
71. To ensure that one’s income is pure.
72. To spend according to the Shariah.
73. To reply to one who has greeted you.
74. To say Yarhamukallah (‘May Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith have mercy on you’) when anyone says Alhamdulillah (‘All praise to Allah allah 77 Branches of Faith’) after sneezing.
75. Not to cause harm to anyone unjustly.
76. To abstain from games and amusements contrary to the Shariah.
77. To remove pebbles, stones, thorns, sticks, and the like from the road

Quran Surah Benefits…

Surah No Name of Surah Physical benefits Spiritual benefits (thawab) Other Benefits
1 Suratul Fatiha Cure for every disease70x to cure pain anywhere 2/3 of the Qur’an
2 Suratul Baqara Aya 72-73 for chest painsAya 107 3x for shoulders Ayatul
Kursi for eyes Aya 165
on sweet and feed displeased
Shaytan will keep awayWill not forget Allah Shade on Qiyama
if recited with Suratu
Aali Imran
Life, property and family protected if recite first 4
ayaat+ayatul kursi+last 3
ayaatShade on Qiyama
if recited with Aali Imran
3 Suratu Aali Imran Fertility treatment for womenAyaat 8 & 9 for migraines
Aya 145 for backache
If recited on Friday, rahma of Allah and angels ask forgiveness
for reciter
Increase in sustenance if worn
4 Suratun Nisa 7x for love between two people Safety from squeezing in the grave
5 Suratul Maida Aya 54 on sweet for love Forgiveness
6 Suratul Anaam If written (saffron) and drunk, free from all ailments
7 Suratul A’raaf If worn, then safety from enemies and wild animals Once a month recitation ‒ no fear on Qiyama Veil between shaytan and reciter
8 Suratul Anfaal Aya 8 for stomach ailments Intercession on Qiyama Fulfillment of hajat
9 Suratut Tawba (Baraa’a) Protection from hypocrisy Safety from thieves and fire and plan by enemy if worn
10 Suratu Yunus Closeness to Allah Identifying theives
11 Suratu Hud Aya 44 for nosebleeds Forgiveness and easy accounting of deeds Courage and boldness if kept
12 Suratu Yusuf Protection from fear on QiyamaRaised on Qiyama with husn
of Yusuf (A.S.)
Removal of jealousyEasy sakaraat at death
13 Suratur Ra’d Easy accountingIntercession on behalf of friends Destroys tyranny of ruler if written and hung outside
tyrants door
14 SuratuIbrahim Keeps child safe from ailments if worn. Assists digestion
in children
If recited in two raka salaa with Suratul Hijr in one
rakaa, will keep away poverty,
insanity and sudden
15 Suratul Hijr Increase in breast milk if worn by new mother Profitability in business if wornSafety of valuables if
kept with them.
16 Suratun Nahl Safety from 70 types of diseases if read once a month No questioning about ne’maReciter amongst Ahlul Janna
17 Suratu Bani Israil (Israa) Written with saffron and water given to child having speech
Reciter will not die without meeting Imam (A.S.)Last 2
ayaat protection against
18 Suratul Kahf Noor created with angels praying for forgiveness if read
before sleep
Protection from fitna for 8 daysLasy aya ‒ alarm clock
19 Suratu Maryam Safe pregnancy Protection from thieves
20 Suratu Taha ForgivenessFriendship of Allah Marriage arranged
21 Suratul Ambiya Aya 69 for fever Easy accounting on Qiyama Removal of stress and worry
22 Suratul Hajj Once every three days ‒ visit Ka’ba within the year
23 Suratul Mu’minun Easy death for reciterCompany of Prophets If worn will wean person of drink, drugs
24 Suratun Nur Prevention of wet dreamsAya 35 for eyes (as eyedrops) Forgiveness Beneficial for women
25 Suratul Furqan No questioningNo punishment if read every night Safety of posessions
26 Suratush Shuara Water on which recited is shafaa for illnesses Equivalent to reciting all revealed books Protection from thieves, drowning and fire.
27 Suratun Naml Aya 88 with Fatiha, Ikhlas, & Qadr for toothache Safety from dangerous creatures
28 Suratul Qasas Water ‒ remedy for illnesses and worries
29 Suratul ‘Ankabut If recited with Suratur Room on 23rd Ramadhan
‒ definite entry into
Water ‒ joy and happiness
30 Suratu Rum
31 Suratu Luqman Water ‒ cure for illnesses and pain Protection from Shaytan
32 Suratus Sajda Cure for aches and pains Equivalent to all night ibada on Laylatul Qadr if recited
with Suratul Mulk
33 Suratul Ahzaab Safety from fear in grave If kept on person, honour from people
34 Suratus Saba Recited with Suratul Fatir ‒ protection of Allah all
nightWater- Removal of fear
in heart Safety from
35 Suratul Fatir Aya 41 ‒ cure for headachesAya 42 for migraines Doors of Janna opened for reciter
36 Suratu Yaseen (Qalbe Qur’an) Cure for 1000 illnessesDrinking mixture of rose water
and saffron ‒ excellent
memory Increase in breast
Equivalent to 12 complete Qur’ansThawab of 20 Hajj Forgiveness for one on deathbed ‒ angels accompany janaza
and easy sakaratFulfillment
of hajat Safety from
squeezing of grave
37 Suratus Saffaat Protection from Shaytan Safety from all calamitiesIncrease in wealth and children
38 Suratu Saad Inspires reciter to keep away from sinsReciter able to
take family, loved ones and
even employees to Janna
Downfall of tyrant ruler
39 Suratuz Zumar Fire of Jahannam haram on reciter Respect and honour from people
40 Suratul Mu’min Cure for wounds and scarsRemedy for heart problems, dizziness
and nausea
Forgiveness if recited once in 3 days Prosperity in business
41 Suratu Haamim Sijda (Fussilat) Water ‒ alleviates eye problems Nur on Qiyama
42 Suratush Shura Forgiveness and salaams from angels Safety on journey
43 Suratuz Zukhruf Water – Relief from pain Safety from squeezing in the grave
44 Suratud Dukhan No nightmares if kept under pillowWater – Cure for stomach
Forgiveness and houses in JannaEasy accounting Protection
from Shaytan
Prosperity in businessProtection from authorities
45 Suratul Jaathiya (Sharia’) Protection of newborn from all calamities Reciter will not see Jahannam Safety from those who slander and backbite
46 Suratul Ahqaaf Cure for diseases Safety from punishment If written with saffron and dissolved in Zam Zam water
‒ honour from people, memory
retention, and safety
from Jinn
47 Suratu Muhammad Safety from insanity Thirst quenched by river in Janna1000 graves send salaams
to grave of reciter Will
see Prophet (S.A.W.) when
raised from grave
Protection from problems
48 Suratul Fath Cure for heart problems Protection in times of war & during travel
49 Suratul Hujurat Safety of mother and child in pregnancyIncrease in breast
Protection from Shaytan Protection in times of war and unrest
50 Suratu Qaaf Aya 23 ‒ shifa for eyesAya 37 for heart ailments Increase in sustenanceNo suffering at time of death
51 Suratudh Dhariyaat Water – Remedy for backacheTaweedh – Pregnancy and delivery
Easy death
52 Suratut Tur Taweedh ‒ good health in children Safety from anger of Allah Release from bondage
53 Suratun Najm Courage and respectUpper hand in discussions
54 Suratul Qamar Ease of difficultiesRespect of people if kept with one
during Jumua’ salaa
55 Suratur Rahmaan (Bride of Qur’an) Cures eye problems Removal of hypocrisy from the heartMay ask forgiveness
for whoever one wants Safety
angel appointed
If written on wall, keeps away household pests
56 Suratul Waaqia Loved by Allah and people Safety from povertyForgiveness of sins if recited on deathbed
Sustenance increased
if read no of times as lunar
57 Suratul Hadid No punishment if read with Suratul Mujadila in wajib salaa Release from imprisonmentSafety in war Makes one courageous
58 Suratul Mujadila Tawidh – Shafa of illness Protects whatever is buried in the groundEase to resltlessness
Safety from Jinn
& men If recited on sand and
thrown towards enemy ‒ overcome
59 Suratul Hashr Water ‒ good for memory retention and concentrationAyaat
21-24 3x with hand on
joint pain Ayaat 21-24 for
Salaams from all creationsForgiveness If recited with
Suratur Rahmaan, angel appointed
to protect at
all times
4 raka salaa ‒ Suratul Hashr after Suratul Hamd ‒
important work successfulIf
recited 40 days ‒
even hardest task becomes easy
60 Suratul Mumtahana Increases visionProtection from insanity Water ‒cure
for ailments
If recited in wajib salaa ‒ heart filled with eiman
61 Suratus Saff Forgiveness Safety on journey
62 Suratul Jumua’ Safety from ShaytanForgiveness Safety from all danger
63 Suratul Munafiqun Cure for any aches and pains Freedom from shirk and hypocrisy
64 Suratut Taghabun Intercession to Janna if recited in wajib salaa Safety at time of deathProtection from tyranny
65 Suratut Talaq If recited with Surat Tahreem, protection on QiyamaInspiration
to do sincere tawba
66 Suratut Tahreem Water ‒ cure for diseasesCures insomnia Calms agitation Clears debts
67 Suratul Mulk (Munjiya) Thawab of doing ibada on Laylatul QadrWill remove reciter
from Jahannam Protection
of Allah Recitation on
Eid gives thawab of allnight ibada
Safety from fear in graveRelief for marhum/a who has just
died Intercession for
memoriser in Qiyama
68 Suratul Qalam Tawidh on painful part – Alleviates pain No financial difficulties
69 Suratul Haaqqaa Safety in pregnancyImproves child’s intellect and memory Sign of eimanEasy accounting on Qiyama Reciter will never
loose religion
70 Suratul Ma’aarij Covering of sinsSafety from Shaytan Release from imprisonment
71 Suratu Nuh Will not die until sees place in Janna Hajat answered straight after recitation
72 Suratul Jinn Protection from JinnProtection from unjust people Safety
from poverty Upperhand
in confrontations Debts
paid Safety of possessions
73 Suratu Muzzammil Protection from insanity Purity of heartForgiveness ‒ recite 100x Fulfilment of hajatPrevents slavery by people
74 Suratu Muddathir Protection from misfortunesHajat fulfilled if dua after
recitation Will not die
until memorised Qur’an
if dua for memorisation done with recitation of sura
75 Suratul Qiyama Water ‒ safety from heart ailments Raised with radiance on Qiyama Increase of sustenanceProtects life and possessions Liked
by people
76 Suratud Dahr (Insaan) Water ‒ heart ailments Janna Victory in war
77 Suratul Mursalat Water+onion juice ‒ cure for aches and painsTawidh ‒
helps to combat oversleeping
Always victorious over enemies
78 Suratun Naba Water ‒ stomach problemsReciter not overcome by sleep
if wishes to stay awake
Eye problems ‒ recite
after ‘Asr
Daily recitation guarantees visit to Ka’ba Safety and ease in journey
79 Suratun Naazhiaat Safety in a dangerous place
80 Suratul ‘Abasa Recite with Suratut Takweer to be under shade of Prophet
(S.A.W.) in Janna
Success in all endeavoursSafe journey
81 Suratut Takweer On rose water and applied to eyes for ailments of eyes Rahma on Qiyama
82 Suratul Infitar Recite and blow gently into eyes for cure Forgiveness of sins even if much as raindrops Protection from humiliationRelease from imprisonment 7x
for hajat
83 Suratul Mutaffifeen Recite on child who cries a lot Safety from JahannamNo accounting Safekeeping
84 Suratul Inshiqaq Easy delivery of child 7xCure for poisonous bite
85 Suratul Buruj Tawidh – To wean child of breast milkPiles Protection of Allah Safety from dangerSafety from one who speaks evil
86 Suratut Tariq Recite over medicine before takingWater ‒ if poured
over wound ‒ shifa
Honour with Allah if recited in wajib salaa Recite over food for safety from harm
87 Suratul ‘A’laa Memory retentionRelief of ear pain Entry through any door of Janna Safety on journey
88 Suratul Ghashiya Calms frightened and crying childPain relief Toothache Easy accounting in Qiyama Removes bad effects of food
89 Suratul Fajr Nur on Qiyama
90 Suratul Balad Tawidh ‒ safety for child from illnessesCure for nose
Safety from anger of Allah
91 Suratush Shams Water ‒ Fever Increase in sustenance, popularity & courageTo remove
intense grief ‒ 7x with
Suratul Layl
92 Suratul Layl Inspiration of good deeds¼ of the Qur’an if read in Eisha
15x ‒ One will dream about what pleases one most
93 Suratudh Dhuha Allah’s pleasure Find missing person or something lost
94 Suratul Inshira Water – Kidney and heart ailments3x on boils Relieves
chest pains
Yaqeen in deen
95 Suratut Teen Palace in Janna Evil effects on food removedHajat For lost thing to be
found 7x
96 Suratul ‘Alaq Thawab of shaheed Safety from accidentsSafeguarding treasure
97 Suratul Qadr Ailments of eyes 10x ‒ 1000 sins forgiven1x ‒ fasting for a month In
wajib salaa ‒ all sins
Increase in sustenanceSafety from enemies Debt payment
Pious children ‒ 7x on
spouse 11x ‒ safety
at night 7x on grave ‒ marhum/as sins forgiven
98 Suratul Bayyina Water ‒ cure for all ailmentsSafety from miscarriage Protection of eimanForgiveness Acceptance of a’maal 21x Removal of ill effects of food
99 Suratuz Zilzal Sees nur of Janna at death Safety from tyrantsSafety from natural disasters Easy
100 Suratul Aadiyaat Equivalent to reciting entire Qur’an Clear debtsSafety from fear Find sustenance
101 Suratul Qaria Safety from Jahannam Business boosterWater ‒ unwanted pests
102 Suratut Takathur Cure for headaches Thawab of shaheedRecite in ‘Asr salaa for protection
103 Suratul ‘Asr Stomach ailments ‒ 10xFever Nur on QiyamaIncrease in eiman Safety from tyrant if recited in Eisha salaa
104 Suratul Humaza Eye ailments ‒ blow gently into eye Safety from poverty if recited in wajib salaaEasy death
Protection from ‘evil eye’
105 Suratul Feel Safety from enemiesProblem solver
106 Suratul Quraysh Heart ailments Ill effects of food removedSustenance easier to find if
recited before sunrise
107 Suratul Maaun Acceptance of salaa if read as part of salaaForgiveness If read 41x every day ‒ free from dependency on anyone(Salawat
10x before and
108 Suratul Kawthar Drink from Kawthar
109 Suratul Kaafirun ¼ of Qur’anSafety from shirk Forgiveness Thawab of shaheed Safety in journey (with Nasr, Ikhlas, Falaq & Naas)
110 Suratun Nasr
111 Suratul Lahab Relief from backache Safety at night
112 Suratul Ikhlas (Tawheed) 1/3 of Qur’an11x ‒ Palaces in Janna 100x ‒ 25 yrs
sins forgiven
Abundance in wealthSafety in travelling Hajat Protection
from ‘evil eye’
113 Suratul Falaq Recited in wajib salaa in Ramadhan ‒ as though fasted
in Makka and thawab of hajj
114 Suratun Naas Tawidh ‒ protection of children from JinnReleif of pain
‒ fast cure when read
on medicine

Wear your beautiful apparel…

“O children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer…” (Qur’an 7:31)

•Namaz is meeting Allah.

•We wear our best clothes when we go to meet some body important

•But when we meet Allah -the most powerful entity in the whole Universe –we dress so poorly

•He commands the highest degree of respect –so we should be in our best presentation –hair finely combed, Perfume (non-alcoholic), clean & good clothes

•And with COMPLETE FOCUS–You cannot afford to think of any thing else –Its Allah you see, its Allah who is listening to you, its Allah who is watching you –No gathering or meeting can be more important then this!

Namaz – The Health Benefits

Click here to download.

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