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Take me ahead…

Narrated Abu Sa`id Al−Khudri : Allah’s Apostle said,

“When the funeral is ready (for its burial) and the people lift it on their shoulders, then if the deceased is a righteous person he says, ‘Take me ahead,’ and if he is not a righteous one then he says, ‘Woe to it (me)! Where are you taking it (me)?’ And his voice is audible to everything except human beings; and if they heard it they would fall down unconscious . “

If any one of you see a funeral procession…

Narrated ‘Amir bin Rabi`a: The Prophet said,

“If any one of you see a funeral procession and he is not going along with it, then he should stand and remain standing till he gets behind it, or it leaves him behind, or the coffin is put down before it goes ahead of him.

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